Thursday, April 14, 2016

104: Drawstring

img_20160413_094414_1-01.jpegEmily drove me to Ateneo this morning. She didn't need to because she didn't have any errands downtown. But the power went out at around 9:00AM and it would probably have lasted till noon. Going out was something to do.

That's our life now, ruled by brownout schedules.

img_20160413_172350-01.jpegComing home, Emily surprised me with apple pie. She made the crust with walnuts and so it was exceptionally good. I have not quite enjoyed crust on any pie as I have today.

img_20160413_200433_1-01.jpegThe brownout struck again just as we were about to have dinner. We ate in the dark. After dinner, Emily had an errand to E--'s house. With nothing to do, I decided to go with her. I was feeling lazy, though, and perhaps a little dazed from the heat. I put on a ratty t-shirt and I didn't bother getting a belt for my shorts.

On the drive to E--'s, Emily said: "Let's go to Abreeza." Sheepishly I told her about my problem.

"Well, let's buy a belt!"

"That's expensive. My belts are still good!"

We thought about the problem for a bit. Then it hit me: "Can you ask for some rope from E--?"

Of such decisions are misadventures made. Of all the days when I'm at my grungiest -- with only rope holding up my shorts (hidden by my t-shirt, thankfully) -- that's when we meet so many friends and acquaintances. I counted two professors from our School of Business and A-- from the book club, fortunately none of whom noticed me. But we did bump into Uncle B-- and Aunt V--, and Prof. Ric de Ungria. Happily they did not notice the drawstrings.