Tuesday, April 12, 2016

102: Roundabout

imageI had a chat with The Boss today about my plans moving forward. He suggested I go on leave of absence instead of something more drastic. Out of deference, I agreed. For all intents and purposes, though, I am going to treat it the same way. The longer I reflect on it, there is no way I can stay on at Ateneo under the current setup.

After my chat with The Boss, I ran the first MOOC meetup for The Art of Poetry. As expected, very few people showed up, but I was very grateful to those that did. From my invite to the Young Davao Writers mailing list, I got three people. I roped in R--, my programming student from first semester. My former student and friend K-- was there, as was his girlfriend. And, of course, Aida Rivera-Ford.

imageWhile waiting for my parking pass to come in, I visited the COMELEC voting machine demo. The guy was too eager to talk about the voting procedures I eventually got tired of waiting to run my ballot.

imageMaintenance guys were fixing the vending machines at the Miguel Pro Study Center. I got a look at the innards. Cool.