Sunday, April 10, 2016

100: Spill!

img_20160409_213351.jpgIt looks like I made it to post 100 in this 366 project of mine. Whew! The choice to use three digits in my count is now justified.

If only more interesting things had happened today! Well, something did, but I can't write about it. There are many things I omit here, actually.

The most I can write about is that I spilled hot chocolate all over Fall of Hyperion. It's quite tragic to have ruined a book, especially one that I have come to love. I was careless and clumsy and that's all that can be said about that. Fortunately the insides were spared. I can just pretend then that this was a Shrike attack.

I am nearing the end of Fall of Hyperion. Tonally it's different from Hyperion, but still enjoyable albeit in a more conventional SF way. The two are really necessary halves, can't have one without the other. Though Hyperion had excellent stories, they were really vehicles for world building. Fall of Hyperion ties all those stories together into one cohesive tapestry. Awesome, simply awesome.

I guess it's something to be told that you're somebody's favorite teacher. By two people, in fact. The information came second hand, from the sister and friend of these two past students. So there's that.