Friday, April 08, 2016

098: Selfied

img_20160407_152612_1-01.jpegI'm not one for selfies but sometimes the occasion just calls for it. One of the speakers for the STEP conference organized by the Ateneo de Davao Grade School Unit is Jet Hokin Paclar from Xavier University. I know Jet from his contributions to Dagmay, but until today we had never met in person. Of course I had to look him up to introduce myself. This selfie is the result.

img_20160407_193147-01.jpegWhile taking dinner at McDonald's, I also saw these two medical students taking their own selfie. My ninja moves are strong.

Today was tiring but productive. At Ateneo, I set up the other scanner for our ongoing BlueVote survey. I found a workaround for the OMR problem that was plaguing us. Over at The Other Office, I was helping to solve some more hardware issues. I am bushed, but I am happy we got everything together.