Wednesday, April 06, 2016

096: Ups and Downs

img_20160405_214427.jpgI finally got the Raspberry Pi board and case that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. They actually arrived yesterday but I only got to The Other Office today. That brings my collection to one Raspberry Pi Model A and one Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

A small victory at The Other Office. We got the application running on Embedded Windows. It turned out to be an easier process than on Linux, I am embarrassed to say. But it is what it is.

Our document digitization project turned up an old special issue celebrating the 35th Araw ng Dabaw. This was in March 1972, just a few months before Martial Law. Happier times, I guess. We found a page with the photos of the Mutya ng Dabaw participants. They looked so wholesome and their faces looked so distinct from each other. Contrast with today's beauty pageant contestants...

Emily and I went Facebook stalking to find the Mutya candidates today. Facebook turned up entries on all but one of them. Today these ladies must be in their fifties, but they all looked quite well. I wanted to post the clipping here, but decided against it for now.

Twice I got mad today. The upshot of this is: I've made a resolution not to let this happen again.

Our luggage still has not arrived. But this is not what I got mad about.