Tuesday, April 05, 2016

095: Macau Now Seems Like A Dream

img_20160404_163640.jpgAnd I'm back in Davao, in the comfort of my home. Macau seems just like a dream. I mean that quite literally, too. At moments when I wake up from a doze, I am momentarily disoriented and wondering where I am.

Our flight from Macau to Manila was delayed an hour and a half on account of heavy rain. We finally took off at 6:00PM. We arrived Manila at 8:00PM, just in time to board for our 9:00PM flight to Davao. Because of the tight schedule, our luggage was not transferred. I will have to pick them up tomorrow morning.

Dad and I managed one more trip to Taipa this morning. Some last minute shopping and lunch.

On the flight back, I read halfway through Fall of Hyperion. This is a much faster read than Hyperion because the plot moves along quite briskly. All the characters I got to know in Hyperion are now in place, and we get to uncover the mysteries. A really good series.

I am done with my Level 1 Mandarin on Memrise. I am currently doing Level 2. The lessons have really paid off. I am now able to read some signs in Chinese. This afternoon, I asked the attendant where the line for the airport was in Mandarin. And he understood me!