Sunday, April 03, 2016

093: Shuttle Surfing on the Cotai Strip

img_20160402_215444.jpgWe managed to keep to our resolution to take today a little easier. No long distances traveled, we stayed within the Cotai Strip throughout the day. Still, we managed to see quite a number of sights in the area.

img_20160402_181102.jpgI got the day started with an advanced scouting trip. Part of the anxiety of the previous days stemmed from the fact that we were just winging it, but going to pretty far-off places, two senior citizens and two kids in tow. Since I was effectively leading this tour group, all the worries of what to ride and where to get off fell to me.

So today I went around on my own first, that way I would have the mobility and speed. My first target was to find the nearby church where we would be attending Mass tomorrow. That turned out to be an easier task than I expected. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is just a kilometer away and most of that length can be covered by travelators. It's also near the old Taipa Village so there will be things to see and do after Mass tomorrow.

img_20160402_153033.jpgThe find of the day, though, was the shuttle connections between hotels. From Venetian we could take a shuttle to Galaxy, and from Galaxy to City of Dreams, and from City of Dreams to Studio City. We left the kids in the hotel while I brought Mom and Dad hotel hopping.

img_20160402_152724.jpgIn general, Cotai Strip hotels are opulent and garish. It's like a theme park for adults. Venetian, of course, has that faux Renaissance air. Galaxy is a mishmash of the futuristic, crystalline, and the Oriental. City of Dreams doesn't quite strongly project its vibe, though I'd say it's aiming more at a Hollywood flair.

img_20160402_143323_1.jpgBut by far, what enthused me was Studio City. Studio City affects a 1930's kind of vibe, with plenty of art deco. It's like a latter day steampunk show. I'm sure the pulp heroes would be right at home.

And Studio City is just...huge. Mom and Dad didn't complete the circuit and I dissuaded them from trying. It was maybe a couple of kilometers in circumference. It took a while for me to walk.

img_20160402_104457_1.jpgRather than hopping from hotel to hotel in reverse order, I opted for a shortcut on the return trip. From Studio City we took the shuttle to the Taipa Ferry Terminal. There we boarded a shuttle back to Venetian.

img_20160402_104052_1.jpgGalaxy's food court was much better than Venetian's. That's where we opted for dinner. We went back to the hotel to collect the kids, and then took another shuttle trip. The distance is quite short, actually, but again, seniors and kids.

img_20160402_104148.jpgGalaxy had this weird fountain show. It was quite a spectacle. There was this huge chandelier hanging a fountain. When the show started, the chandelier started moving up and down. Then the fountain pool rose up, as if pushed by columns of water. When the pool came down, it revealed this huge diamond that appeared to levitate. It was a pretty gaudy display, but also pretty cool in a way.