Saturday, April 02, 2016

092: Senado Square

img_20160401_124912-01.jpegAfter yesterday's adventures in Hong Kong, today was supposed to be a restful day; but not so. I had originally planned for us to tour the hotel strip in peninsular Macau. For that there was a shuttle bus to Sands. There was supposed to be a Dreamworks-oriented restaurant with a parade at that hotel.

Unfortunately, Sands turned out to be a big disappointment. Where we ended up was mostly a casino, with their thousand soulless staring at cards and screens. I wanted to explore a bit more, but Mother hinted that she wanted to be someplace else. Like maybe the Ruins of St. Paul.

img_20160401_153709-01.jpegWe took a bus that was supposed to take us to the Ruins. We asked a local. We hopped on a bus of her recommendation. The bus driver was none too friendly, though, and said he didn't know where or what the Ruins were. Duh. I decided to ride along, then, until we came upon some place interesting.

img_20160401_151912_1-01.jpegFortunately I'd been to Macau seven years ago. Not much has changed in the city center since then. I caught a glimpse of Senado Square and I signalled the rest of the family that this would be our stop. And really, nothing much had changed. The tourism center was the same as it was. All the shops were as I remembered them.

img_20160401_144713_1-01.jpegWe inched our way forward, ambling towards where the signs pointed to the Ruins of St. Paul. The frustrating part of traveling with my family is that I can't really move as fast as I want to. We stop every so often for pictures and many of them group shots. Senado Square is also home to many bakeries, all offering free samples of their biscuits and dried meat cutlets. Of course we must partake!

img_20160401_130951_1-01.jpegCome the time to head home, we were laden with packages. And now the biggest puzzle: how do we get back to the hotel? We were tired -- no, I was tired and I was cranky. Do take a bus back to Sands and take the bus from there? Do I pack them all into a taxi to head back to our hotel?

I gambled on Bus No. 3. In hindsight, it was the wrong choice that ultimately turned out right. I thought it would take us back to Sands, but instead, I saw that its terminus was the ferry terminal. And just right, because that's where all the hotel shuttle buses were. Hooray!

img_20160401_152019_1-01.jpegWe ended back at the hotel at 6:30PM. I crashed in the sofa and fell asleep immediately. I woke up at 10:00 -- to make this entry -- and I'm likely going back to the couch in a bit. My nephew could not have summed it up any better: "I'm staying in the hotel all day tomorrow!"