Friday, April 01, 2016

091: Hong Kong

img_20160331_163856_1-01.jpegWe crossed over to Hong Kong by ferry this morning. Fortunately there's a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the ferry terminal. We decided on landing in Kowloon. We arrived a little late -- that's what happens when you have two kids who need to bathe and change and get ready in the morning -- just in time for lunch.

Our schedule didn't really leave much time to explore. I would have wanted to stay in the Kowloon area, maybe as far as Tsim Tsa Tsui. Mother wanted to ride the MRT, though, and I hit on the idea of going to Causeway Bay.

img_20160331_182003-01.jpegI stayed in Causeway Bay last December. I was fairly well-acquainted with the area. Top of mind was finding a money changer. I realized we may not have had enough cash to buy the return tickets to Macau. Cheapskate me was also looking for the best exchange rate.

As it turned out, the exchange rate in the casinos here in Macau aren't all that bad, comparatively speaking. In Hong Kong, the best I found was HKD7.65 to the dollar (and the worst, HKD7.08); in Macau, it's HKD7.58 to the dollar.

We went around Causeway Bay for a bit. With two senior citizens and two kids in tow, mobility is severely limited. After we'd tired ourselves out, we went to Sheung Wan ferry terminal to return to Macau.

The return trip was a bit of an ordeal. We came in together with a huge tour group of Mainland Chinese (or maybe it was several different tour groups, who can tell?): loud and pushy is what. We survived it, though, and made it back to the hotel.

Air quality in Hong Kong is really bad, though.