Wednesday, March 30, 2016

089: Beatdown

img_20160329_112758-01.jpegToday I had to be an adult. Our airconditioner conked out last week but since it was Holy Week we couldn't get it fixed till today. I called a friend who ran a refrigeration shop. He sent his guy over who took one look at it and said the problem was the condenser. Price tag for the new part: P450. And despite our long acquaintance, said friend still charged me P900 for the repair and the cleaning. Well...

What do you do when you're charged more than what you think is fair? On another occasion I might have canvassed before settling on a provider. In this case, since the need was immediate, and this guy was a friend, well, I decided to bite the bullet. The guy has his own bills to pay, like I do mine. Still, I'm going to have a long think next time this happens.