Sunday, March 27, 2016

086: Easter Vigil

img_20160326_200859.jpgWe attended the Easter vigil services at Redemptorist Church, my Mom and Dad and Emily and I. I arrived early and I was prepared with our candles and our extra chairs. A good thing, too, because the church was packed. A vendor approached me with some more candles and I would have said no, except that it was Chubby. I've known Chubby since he was small, always begging for this or that, always with an accompanying story. He's grown bigger now and has moved up the entrepreneurial ladder.

"How much for the candles?" I asked.

"Ten each," he said.

"Okay, I'll take two."

"I really need the money," he said as he gave me my purchases. "We're going on a scouting trip to Malagos..."

"Tell me about it," I said, hoping he wouldn't.

Chubby was kind enough to give me a couple of paper wax shields. He didn't quite finish his story, though, because after all, he had already made the sale.

img_20160326_230246.jpgAfter Mass, Emily had to go to Bangkerohan market to buy carrots. Nighttime is when they're bringing in the fresh vegetables, so we get our pick of the lot. Even though we went in at 11:00PM, the place was still abuzz with activity. Not nearly as busy as early morning, but people still coming and going. Most were stocking their wares. Many vendors were in their cots, taking quick naps before the coming market day.

img_20160326_231555.jpgAnd here we have a local Hummer, which they use to ferry vegetables from the farm to the market. It's as if the jeepney took some steroids and really bulked up. Underneath it, really, is a truck, so it must simply be force of habit that has them making the chassis the same form as a jeepney.

Took Doggie to the vet for her final round of shots. She's all better now, though more subdued than she used to be. I think she's growing up.

I am wrapping up my SDAPS report. I may end up with seven chapters. I should be finishing the last two chapters, the case study and the closing notes, tomorrow.

I also finished translating Horacio Quiroga's The Feather Pillow. Quiroga is one macabre writer.