Saturday, March 26, 2016

085: Veneration of the Cross

wp-1458904111448.jpegI attended Good Friday services at the Carmelite church this afternoon. Since I arrived early (just enough time to do a personal Way of the Cross), I managed to find a good seat in the church. Surprisingly not as many people as during Christmas, though the congregation still managed to spill out to the church grounds.

The service was long. There was only one cross -- I thought it was appropriate -- and so the veneration took about half an hour. Still, I didn't mind.

Good Friday has been a meditation about death and the journey down its path, of the people along the way, and how we approach this inevitability. How fitting, especially these days when we don't seem to give much importance to life. This has not just been about any death, though, but death given as a sacrifice.

Now that Lent is over, it's time to look back and assess how I did with my resolutions. At the start of the season, I resolved to avoid Reddit and Twitter, to keep my cool, and to arrive for my meetings on time. I failed to keep these resolutions, sometimes spectacularly so. But there were good days along with the bad, and even when I did not meet my own proscriptions, I was keenly aware that I wasn't.

Not a total loss, either. Before I was addicted to gaining karma points but now that's largely gone. I still checked Twitter, but I did not post, except for auto-updates from this blog; I think I'll keep it that way.