Friday, March 25, 2016

084: Visita Iglesia

img_20160324_205359.jpgEmily and I took my Mom on the traditional visita iglesia to various churches in the city. We only managed five, though -- St. Paul in Juna, San Pedro Cathedral, Sta. Ana Church, Assumption Church, and Sacred Heart. The surprise of the evening was Sacred Heart. The chapel where the altar of repose was set had been undergoing renovation for some time, and tonight was the first time we were seeing it. It was very solemn and very well-designed, with mainly dark wooden panels and gold trimming. Very Opus Dei in flavor, if I do say so myself.

(The photo above, by the way, is from Saint Paul. I would have wanted to take a picture of the Sacred Heart chapel, but by then my phone had run out of batteries. I certainly wasn't expecting the chapel to look that good.)

We also made an ice cream stop at Roxas, between the time we did San Pedro and Sta. Ana. It was Mom's first time to see the night market. She liked the ice cream very much. (Not Mang Danny's, okay?)

I finished translating Horacio Quiroga's A la Deriva this afternoon. I was supposed to be writing my final report for SDAPS, but it seemed too lazy a day to get any real work done. A la Deriva is a very short story, but also masterfully done. It's a pleasure to be able to read it in the original Spanish. Although I discovered other English translations after I had started the work through Duolingo, finishing my own translation (with a lot of help from other Duolingo collaborators) gave me a lot of satisfaction. Next target: translate it into Bisaya.