Wednesday, March 23, 2016

083: Fragile Things

img_20160323_115714.jpgThis morning I got to talking with a fellow professor at the library. She was bringing in a stack of books on linguistics so I told her about the experiment I was doing -- learning Spanish and Mandarin at the same time. I was too excited to share my progress that I forgot to close my backpack properly -- the backpack that was holding my laptop. You can probably guess where this is going: when I slung my pack, the laptop slid out and bounced on the floor. Good thing it had a protective sleeve and did not fall so far. Serves me right for showing off.

I turned on the laptop and was met by the usual boot screen. Nothing broken or chipped on any of the sides (thank you, Vibal Publishing!). This is the same laptop I'm typing on now. Thank heaven for small favors.

Actually, a funny thing: while fumbling to close my bag, everything else slid out. My chargers, my notebook, my pens. Good thing we're already on break and there were no students at the library.

All in all, quite a productive day. In the morning I went to Ateneo to take care of some money stuff -- reimbursement claims, money matters for the writers guild, pay for a Raspberry Pi kit I had ordered. I checked in on my data encoding team and am happy with their progress. I caught a potentially catastrophic error in printing the questionnaire for the upcoming BlueVote external survey. And I mapped out a distribution plan for the reprints of O Susana.

In the afternoon, I passed by The Other Other Office to map out the plan for the next series of Hackademy classes. Then I went back to The Other Office. I was puzzling over a couple of Java classes for the program that we were doing. They were mighty big classes and they had plenty of similarities. Eventually we decided to make a superclass for the two classes and I was starting to rewrite it by hand. I eventually got lazy and remembered there was the refactor feature in Eclipse. I wasn't sure how it would work, I figured I'd give it a try, and voila! We still have to test out the code on Monday, though.

Dinner with the family.