Wednesday, March 23, 2016

082: Departures

img_20160322_074700.jpgWith the San Jose reunion done, it was time to bid our visiting relatives adieu. Uncle N-- and Auntie I-- were flying back to Dumaguete by way of Cebu today; I woke up early to bring them to the airport. While waiting, I also saw this group of well-wishers sending their own relatives off.

At work at The Other Office for most of the day today, and unfortunately not at full capacity. Hard enough that I have to get back into the groove after some time away, I have also had to deal with my own lack of sleep.

We had house guests today as Emily was hosting the despedida de soltera for one of her friends. A-- and B-- brought their 9-year-old son B--. I spent most of the evening entertaining the guy. We played: Star Fluxx, Crimsonland, Bastion, Mage Knight, Hot Wheels, and Nerf Guns. A true connoisseur, B-- is.