Tuesday, March 22, 2016

081: The Internet of Things

img_20160321_092430.jpgOne of the achievements of my time as assistant dean was to wrangle a deal with Intel for their Galileo boards. They approached a group of us with an offer of a donation of five boards in exchange for training material. Later, they bumped it up to ten boards. It's good to see our students continue to use these in their classes, thanks to the efforts of my colleague C--.

Another full day at work today. In the morning we had the presentation of the in-campus BlueVote survey results. In the early afternoon, a URC special meeting and a thesis defense. And throughout the day, I was working with the open data team on getting our preliminary web site up.

img_20160321_113517.jpgAnother fire in the Bucana area. This is happening with alarming frequency. Fr. DJ pointed out it was actually two fires, because of the differing shades of gray smoke. Just when the smoke had started dissipating, a new cloud broke out, and that time we could see orange plumes. Quite frightening to see.