Monday, March 21, 2016

080: Palm Sunday

img_20160320_115939-01.jpegToday is Palm Sunday, and I bought two branches to bring to church. Unfortunately I arrived after the opening ceremony, when the congregation would gather outside with their palms. Fortunately the priest was considerate and held another blessing for us latecomers. There were quite a few of us, too. We had a good laugh about it.

Lunch and dinner with the parents and relatives visiting from out of town. Lunch was at Chika-an, dinner at Emerald. I am feeling stuffed.

Dad was talking with Uncle S-- about their younger days. They recalled the time when their classmates would call them with racial slurs. Dad said:

"The first time around, I just laughed it off. The second time around, I let it pass. The third time, I let him have it."

Dad said he brought the guy down with a punch to the gut. "You turn really pale if you get hit in the solar plexus," Dad said. "But that was it, it would have been too much to kick him when he was already on the ground."

Uncle S-- had a similar experience. He got called to the principal's office. "Why did you punch him?" the principal had asked. "He called me names," Uncle S-- had said. The principal called the other guy in and warned him: "Don't do it again."

They had a name for this sort of thing back then: "sport."

"Back then that was how we settled things. But we were all afraid of being called to the principal's office, or of being suspended. Nowadays, though, they're not afraid of the principal. They're not even afraid to kill each other."

Today I discovered Karliene, a fantasy themed singer. I found her while searching for music from Labyrinth on Spotify. I didn't find the soundtrack but I found her covers of Magic Dance and Underground. Her arrangements were different from Bowie's, but they had their own charms. Karliene has a smooth voice with a haunting quality, perfect for the niche genre she sings in.

Today I also discovered Horacio Quiroga, an Uruguayan writer of horror and fantasy. I was looking for Spanish science fiction short stories to translate but in the absence of any available contemporary pieces, I went for anything in the public domain. Quiroga passed away in 1937 so his work qualifies. He is one of the influences of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I plan on translating his stories to English and Bisaya.