Sunday, March 20, 2016

079: Viva Sr. San Jose!

wp-1458392675190.jpegToday is the reunion proper for the Sy and Cimafranca clans. This annual celebration actually moves from city to city every year -- sometimes Davao, sometimes Dumaguete, sometimes Cebu, and sometimes Manila. Our patron saint is Saint Joseph, hence the date.

Part of this tradition is a family heirloom. It depicts the Holy Family. It stays the entire year with whoever was the host for the reunion.

I would write some more but I'm very tired. It's a Saturday but it's been a long working day. I spent the morning with the open data team, reviewing the work and attempting a consolidation. We tried to get the server running but we experienced a conflict between two different software components. In the afternoon, I presented SDAPS to the off-campus survey team. In the evening, a Davao Writers Guild meeting.

I am bushed.