Wednesday, March 16, 2016

075: Absent Friends

img_20160315_120912-01.jpegThis deer head is fake, probably a plaster cast, still creepy. It's the centerpiece at Boroughs, where Emily and I had lunch. It's a tad expensive, but then again, almost any restaurant other than fast food in Manila is. I had the portobello mushroom burger, a novel experience with a generous helping, so worth it. Considering the last visit was four years ago, I guess the spending was justified.

I chanced upon two old friends from my IBM days. Strangely enough, I had been thinking of these two the past few days. As Emily and I were walking over to Podium, I espied them waiting for their ride. I think they had just come from a meeting. I approached them but they did not seem to recognize me.

"J--!" I called out. He looked at me with puzzlement and then recognition slowly dawned.

"Dom! It's you!" he exclaimed. "I almost didn't recognize you! You...look good!"

Well, I guess fifty pounds off can have that effect on people. It's good to have this kind of validation.