Sunday, March 13, 2016

072: Extravagance

img_20160312_132530.jpgToday was our flight to Manila, where we'll be staying for most of the coming week. There's some business to attend to on Monday, but we're staying on for a short vacation, to meet some relatives, and generally to take advantage of cheap tickets.

Emily's cousin K-- met us at the airport. She then took us to Century City Mall. K-- is a bit of gourmand so she knows all these nice places. Century City has a restaurant area at its fifth floor, understatedly named Hole-in-the-Wall. There were quite a few interesting concept stores there.

But oh the prices! A single meal is easily upwards of P350, and even dessert bites are upwards of P100 each. While I appreciated the conceit and the quality, I couldn't help but note the present trend towards pretensions of simplicity and lack of affectation -- because, really, Hole in the Wall? -- while taking it in the exact opposite direction.

img_20160312_134029.jpgAll the same, it's hard to argue against the quality of the food. K-- took us to La Petit Soufflé, her favorite restaurant. We had fried mushrooms, curry rice souffle, and salad. All in all, excellent food.






Preparations this morning went fairly smoothly. The main snag was the airport. When we got there, the line to the entrance snaked for a few hundred meters outside. We asked the guard what the matter was. Apparently only one X-ray machine was working and at a time when there were several flights coming and going.

We waited a bit, then when it began to look like we would be there a while, we told the guard our counter would be closing soon. He waved us through and after that it all went along fairly well. Just one minor hitch, the plane couldn't take off to account for the air traffic in Manila when we got there. We still managed to arrive on time, though.