Friday, March 11, 2016

070: Waylaid!

img_20160310_134435.jpgAnother big fire hit Bucana today, the second in as many days. The billowing smoke was visible from the 8th floor of the Ateneo Community Center. Two people are said to have died in the fire yesterday; I hope there are no fatalities today. Still, to think of all the anguish of lost homes and property...sad.

I was waylaid at work today. It started when I was lined up for confession at the chapel. S--, a student and an acquaintance since she was a freshman, was also in line. She whispered to me: "I hear you're doing an open data project...."

It turns out they have some rainfall data that they need converted. Just when I was wondering what work to give to my super-efficient crew next, this falls in my lap. But of course! Some day soon, I may have to start queueing the requests. For now, I am thankful that there's work.

But that's not all. Later in the faculty room, S-- was conferring with K--, a physics teacher who was also doing similar research. We got to talking about their data and how they had to copy them from the PAGASA station. I gave them tips on how to capture and process them using CamScanner. The conversation moved on to other data processing needs and it turned into an impromptu Linux demonstration session.

Still, I am happy to be of service.

I also got to talking to R--, our resident IP office manager. Our conversation turned to spinoff companies from research done in the university. We were discussing growing one such project with potential and what the barriers and limits were. I stumbled upon an insight: the purpose of setting up a business is to establish a structure for operation in order to grow and to scale.

img_20160310_164846-01.jpegOn the way back to The Other Office, I came across these young students on an ice cream break. I normally grab an ice cream cone when I'm walking to work, but seeing how the kids thronged around the booth, I thought I'd just let it go this time.