Thursday, March 10, 2016

069: Padawans

img_20160309_164659.jpgI am going to break format today and post three pictures instead of one. Today has been a long and interesting day, a full one, certainly, and it all would have been good if not for a bad ending.

The morning began with the weekly URC meeting. Engr. R-- presented their research on renewable energy. It was all very exciting, with plenty of possibilities and huge social and economic impact down the road. But it also posed some structural questions that we need to address in the future. (I am deliberately vague, I know.)

My young padawans in the optical mark recognition project have been quick studies. P-- already processed more documents yesterday, without my supervision and without me knowing. This is all very good, because I can pass on the responsibility for operations.

Mindanawon had the blessing for their new offices this afternoon. Fr. Albert was in town to meet with some people and he took the time to officiate the blessing. Serendipitously I had gone down to meet P-- about another matter and that was how I knew. It took a lot of energy and will power to slow down, stop, and attend the ceremony. My hyperactivity seems to be at a peak today.

img_20160309_163914.jpgM--, my literary padawan, presented their thesis at a Humanities and Literature conference this afternoon. Their thesis was on systems of communication in DOTA2. I promised I would attend, and so I did, though I was a little late.

As far as school events go, this was pretty impressive. This conference actually featured literary students from different schools. Two researches that caught my eye were an analysis of stories on Wattpad and analysis of social media political shills for Rodrigo Duterte.

wp-1457530894237.jpegMy open data padawan, on the other hand, had finished his work with the library. It took faster than we thought. The librarian has had to ask us to pause while she scoured the archives for more material for us to process. We have enough, in the meantime, to start populating a digitized document web site.

I present here a headline from 1977. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The day ended badly, though. I voted to fail two students presenting their thesis. They will not be able to graduate this March. This has been a very hard thing to do, and I wish I did not have to do it. It will be good to put all this behind. Soon.