Tuesday, March 08, 2016

067: High Marks

img_20160307_162033.jpgThe SDAPS optical mark recognition system got its first real test today. We had 103 completed questionnaires and the sheet-fed scanner we got ate away at it in about two hours. Then the recognition phase took 10 minutes to complete. There were no errors that I saw, but then again I just did a cursory scan. The system passed with flying colors. Now I just hope it stands up to the projected load of 1,500 sets later this month.

The busiest part of the day was the afternoon, which I spent in Ateneo. The SDAPS work took up most of the time -- I wrote a script to simplify the scanning process and I trained one of my colleagues how to use it. But I also met up with my thesis advisees who were cramming for their defense next week. Just as I was about to go home, another group pulled me up for a look at their project as well. Ah, teacher life.

The Raspberry Pi 2 I ordered arrived today. Bummer is that it doesn't fit in the original Raspberry Pi case, so I'll have to order one as well. Perhaps I'll also just go ahead and get the Raspberry Pi 3, too.

A good haul from Book Sale: I picked up Brick City, Brick Flicks, and Brick Wonders -- books on LEGO art -- from my neighborhood outlet. Total price for the three books: P105. To think these were going for P400 each the last time I checked.