Monday, March 07, 2016

066: A Little Intestinal Surgery

img_20160306_083552-01.jpegToday I swapped out the 250GB hard disk from Dad's old laptop with a 120GB SSD. I have slowly been moving my old computers to solid state disks. First came my seven-year-old desktop, then my two-year-old Lenovo S210, and now the five-year-old Dell Studio 1537 that I swiped from Dad. There's still the six-year-old Acer Aspire 4730Z, but I think it's a bit too old and underpowered to be worth changing hard disks for. It's still working fine, though, and we're using it at The Other Office as a test machine for the special printers.

The SSDs have been getting cheaper and the performance boost has been amazing. I don't have to wait a minute from the time I turn on the machines for the login screens to appear. Probably five seconds tops. Cheapskate that I am, I've been getting 120GB SSDs from Lazada at about P2,250 each. Totally worth it.

Quick question: what's worse than a software engineer with a screwdriver? Answer: a hardware engineer with a software patch. Or is that the other way around? The minor surgery I performed on the Dell Studio 1537 went beautifully. The machine is quite easy to open and the internal layout is fairly simple. To prepare for the operation, I watched a couple of YouTube videos that showed how to do it for this particular model.

To salvage the old hard disk, I bought a SATA-USB disk enclosure for P250. I tested it just now and it works, too. More storage for me!