Sunday, March 06, 2016

065: Happier Meal

img_20160305_123654-01.jpegAfter yesterday's Filet-o-Fish debacle (with an additional riff by my friend Bob, today's lunch was a way to make amends. Emily and I had lunch at Rowi Square again, this time at Sakurazaka, next door to Kushiya. It is also a Japanese restaurant, but different enough from its neighbor. We had salad, chicken katsu, and cold soba. It was slightly pricey, but oh so good, enough to wipe away the bad memories from yesterday.

We brought Doggie to the vet for her second round of shots. She's feeling much better now and the cough is gone. It's been an expensive experience for us, but considering the alternatives, I prefer to skirt any impending tragedies.

I met with my former student S-- for coffee at Alley Cat. It was for a round of coaching mixed with geeky banter. He had never been to Alley Cat and I thought he might appreciate going there when the nerd set is holding court.

I'm glad to see Alley Cat going strong. It's become the hangout for geeks, nerds, and artists of Davao. The drinks are a bit too sweet for my taste, though. I've been working off a sugar high throughout most of the afternoon and evening. A bit too pricey, too, but considering that people hang out there more than they actually drink and dine, totally understandable.

I finished reading the poet's story in Hyperion. Just, wow. For a scifi book, it is pretty literate and mind-bending.