Saturday, March 05, 2016

064: Unhappy Meal

img_20160304_113424.jpgOwing to a busy schedule and the morning rush, I wasn't able to prepare a packed lunch today. Today being a Friday in Lent, my choices were a bit more limited. Instead, I ended up in McDonald's and ordered a Filet-o-Fish, with a side of fries and a soft drink. It was the saddest meal I've had in a long while. The whole experience reeks of a an assembly line with a freezer on one end and a microwave on the other. No offense to the short order fry cook. I think I'll have to remember this experience to avoid going to a fast food again in the future.

The infection continues. After thinking about it a bit, I insisted my encoders use Linux as their desktop operating system. This morning I showed them how to convert a PDF file to plain text. The thing was, the tool was on the command line. "This is a bit more advanced," I said, "so you don't have to learn it now. I'm just showing it to you so you'll remember it next time you encounter a big file."

A little while later, without my prompting, their terminal screens were open. "Can you show us how you did it again?"

"Well, okay, if you're that interested, why don't you learn the command line?" I pointed them out to The Linux Command Line web site.

Another late night at work, but a most fulfilling one. We got the code running on the hardware already, just in time for el jefe to see it working. A bit of a photo finish, but very satisfying.