Saturday, February 27, 2016

057: The Resident Know-It-All

img_20160227_002034.jpgI am sad: I broke a 159-day Duolingo streak. The power went out at around 8:30PM. I took a nap with the alarm set to 10:15PM. The alarm went off, but I snoozed. When I woke up, with the power on, it was past midnight (and event his blog post is a teensy bit late). Oh, well. Al menos yo puedo leer y hablar EspaƱol.

"I'm the resident know-it-all." I can't believe those words came out of my mouth, and by means of introduction to a city councilor, too. Embarrassing things happen when I am out of my mind.

It's like this: I was working on a couple of technical problems. I had just come from solving a prickly problem with the scanner, finally getting a command-line interface working with the sheet-fed ScanSnap ix500. This was prickly because I had to switch operating system versions. It was crucial that I get it working so that untrained operators could handle processing a big survey we would be running. As I said, I got that working. And then the secretary asked me to work on converting a LaTeX document to Word.

I was in that techno-fugue when I got thirsty and went to pick up a glass of water. The water dispenser is near the conference area of the research council office. As it turned out, Ma'am Bing was meeting with two other women. "Oh, excuse me," I said as I passed by. Ordinarily, I would have gone to another office. But like I said, techno-fugue daze.

"This is Councilor Librado," Ma'am Bing introduced one lady to me, "and this is her assistant N---."


"And this is Dom," Ma'am Bing said of me.

"I'm the resident know-it-all," I mumbled. They all stared at me. "I'm just kidding. Good to have met you all. Excuse me." Realization on what I said dawned on me.

Oh, ma-aaaan....

Doggie is feeling better. The vet said she was on her way towards an infection but not quite there yet. We've been giving her antibiotics and other medicines. It's quite hard getting her to take it, though. Emily wrapped some pills in a little ensaymada but she licked her way around the bread and ate it all except the medicine. Emily had to resort to crushing the pills and mixing them with her food.

I had a chat with C--. I got to explaining why I was unhappy with the cluster and what I felt was wrong with the direction, or lack of it. I gave notice, informally, with commitments on what I was going to finish in the remaining time. This feels like the correct decision.

I bumped into my former student K--. We got to talking about his career and exchanged some notes on teaching world literature. Students into peers: this is what I live for.