Friday, February 26, 2016

056: One Sick Puppy

img_20160225_125852.jpgFor what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday, the morning brought about some unexpected panic. Doggie was sniffing around when she started retching and coughing. After a long moment of hacking and wheezing, she let out a ball of saliva and phlegm. We thought she had swallowed something -- it usually happens when she chews on grass. But the morning wore on and the coughing just continued.

We brought her to the vet. Out vet was a no-nonsense woman. She didn't sugarcoat the possibilities. There was a virus going around, and it had a high morbidity rate. It affected dogs' respiratory systems. We got really worried. They took her temperature. It turned out normal. The doctor recommended a blood test. We still don't have the results.

In the meantime, Doggie seems less than her usual self. She still walks around and her appetite doesn't seem to have been affected. She's still prone to bouts of coughing though. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Emily made more ensaymada. The original recipe was from her grandmother, but she tweaked it a little. She put in ham and cheese inside. That's what we had for lunch today, with a generous helping of garden salad.

Mom and Dad arrived from Manila. They bought a scooter for J--. I put it together.