Thursday, February 25, 2016

055: Side Stage

img_20160224_185535-01.jpegMutya ng Dabaw had some sort of pageant at Abreeza tonight. I caught the start of it as I passed by the mall to get my car. I didn't stay long because we were going to have dinner elsewhere. I got a couple of photos and this one seems to be the best of the lot. On the whole, though, pageants are kind of meh.

Dinner was at Asian Side Wok in Marfori Heights. A-- and L-- invited Emily and me tonight. Owing to heavy traffic all along JP Laurel and Bacaca Road, I arrived a tad late. They had ordered laksa, beef rendang, char kway teow, some spring rolls and some tofu. I don't know if it was because I was feeling really hungry but the food tonight seemed extraordinarily tasty. Emily and I had tried the place last year and I don't remember it being this good. We must have caught them during their trial phase.

I interviewed encoders for our open data project this afternoon. This is it, it's all about to get real. In a way I feel like this project is my startup. Not the big moneymaking kind, more like the meaningful impact kind.

Wednesday is Ateneo day. We didn't have the weekly research council meeting, though, so I stayed home in the morning and worked on some code for The Other Company. All in all, I only logged an hour of work, but it seemed like I got a lot done. I had Doggie for company in the upstairs study. She was quite well-behaved.

Lots of running for when I was in Ateneo, though. I got our election poll survey questionnaire finally squared away, but that took a lot of last-minute tweaking. The optical mark recognition will (I hope) save time with the encoding, but a lot of that work has been shifted up front, and I have to be the one to catch it. Oh, well, it's a living.