Wednesday, February 24, 2016

054: On the Move

img_20160223_230804.jpgMy work route today took me to Ateneo's Matina Campus. My partner today was Fr. DJ. We had a nine o'clock meeting with Fr. Mike, the high school principal, and his administrators about the BlueVote election poll we were going to run. Afterwards, we had another meeting with the grade school administrators. It was a refreshing change of pace to be talking to the other units of Ateneo. The culture and tone of each is somewhat different -- not making comparisons as to better or worse, okay? That affords some perspective of what we do.

I was profuse in my apologies to my grade school counterparts. Late last week I received an email I wasn't happy with. The grade school folks had sent a request to our technical services office, and the office sent the request to me. Why? Simply because I was administrator of a server we had requested and used three years ago. And somehow they still expect me to continue maintaining it. Well, I got mad. I sent back a curt and angry email. In hindsight, I wasn't mad at the grade school people, more at technical services office. After all, why pass what should be an operational matter to me. A few minutes after that angry email, I apologized but damage done. The grade school folks were pretty chill about it, though (like I said, different culture) and we had a good laugh. We settled most of the issues.

The lesson here can be summed up by St. Josemaria Escriva. "Serenity. Why lose your temper if by doing so you offend God, annoy other people, upset yourself... and have to find it again in the end?"

Following the rhythm of my light mood, I took Emily out to dinner at Kushiya tonight. Work at The Other Office was humming along quite nicely but I left early because the volume of Java methods to migrate had my head spinning. Emily was also feeling drained from another all-nighter. And the power was out when I got home. Solution: eat out. Dinner did not disappoint. We had our staple katsudon and a bowl of beef ramen. Most excellent and worth the price.

That food strip on Rowi Square is starting to boom with several other small restaurants. We eyed a Vietnamese place but decided to hold it off for next time. There were a few others we are planning to go back to try.