Tuesday, February 23, 2016

053: Working

wp-1456147072383.jpegI now spend comparatively less time in Ateneo than I did before that every visit deserves some comment. I wasn't supposed to go to school today but when I got to The Other Office, the power was out. It wasn't expected back until lunchtime. I decided to hie off to campus to get some other work done.

There wasn't really much work, it was mostly short meetings to set some things up. I attended Mass at the chapel then took my lunch at the 4th floor faculty area. Already at the table was lunchtime regular Mrs. C--, joined this time by Dr. M--. I sat with them and mostly listened to their conversation, mainly about their own college

  • buying an expensive gift for your parents with your first salary as a way of thanks for their support for your education

  • waiting for scholarship reimbursements and lining up in the bank to get them

  • habit of common property in dorms, leading to lost utensils and stolen chickens

  • counting out the number of slices of bread in a loaf to see how long it would last

There were a few more stories which I cannot recount now.

Ateneo now has a workout gym. They inaugurated it a few weeks ago but I never got a chance to visit until today. Not a bad arrangement and some pretty good equipment. Free to use until this Wednesday, after which they start charging P500 a month. There were a few students when I visited. Too bad I don't spend so much time there now.

I made a very good purchase at Book Sale yesterday. I found a graphic novel, Chico and Rita, for sale at only P90. The art was gorgeous and the pacing was just perfect. The comic is about the tempestuous love affair between a pianist and a lounge singer, spanning more than fifty years. For the most part it's set in late 1940's-early 1950's Havana and New York. Apparently it's an adaptation of an animated movie released in 2010. I am going to have to look for that film.