Monday, February 22, 2016

052: Movie Night

img_20160221_190526.jpgA generally uneventful Sunday, mostly spent with the family. Mass and lunch with the parental units, a fruitless errand to the mall, and a nap back at home. Life is made of moments like these.

Emily and I watched Deadpool. It was a very enjoyable movie. We asked each other how much we would rate it. For the kind of movie that it was: 10/10. It doesn't need much more analysis, it's just a fun movie.

This is one of those weekends that make me not look forward to the week ahead. It's been good. Hackademy Jr. is generating a lot of buzz. I totally killed my presentation at school. Today has been a good rest. I wish it would last longer.

Oh, hey, Thursday is a holiday. Yay.