Thursday, February 18, 2016

048: Crooked but Honest

img_20160217_132145-01.jpeg"Crooked but honest" is how I described myself at a meeting. Where there seems to be a contradiction I see instead the biblical injunction: "Therefore be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves." In that, I mean I can see the many different ways to bend the rules but I am honest enough to keep to the spirit and the letter. (At least, I hope so.) The context of this was I was explaining to the editorial board how they should leverage the university journal they were putting out.

If it doesn't make much sense, it's because I'm tired. It's 11:40PM as I write this. I started my day at 4:00AM.

Today was a very full day. A rough breakdown of how it went: woke up very early to work on a LaTeX questionnaire (and those of you who've done it before know how fun it can be.) The usual morning chores, less watering the plants, which I forgot. Off to my Wednesday meeting in school, very late, Lenten resolution notwithstanding, but justified considering what I was doing. Mass. Meeting with the editorial board of Tambara. Meeting with the director of Al Qalam. More LaTeX edits. A "soiree" between folks from the CS Cluster and Business Management, which was not half bad. Then some colleagues from Ateneo High School came for consultations late in the evening (after a long game of tag) -- these guys were my former students a few year back and now I am advising them on their research projects...again. It was good to see them. I left the school at 8:30PM. And now, back home, finishing up my LaTeX edits.

I should not have to work this hard. However, the alternative is boredom, and so....

I had lunch at Famous Restaurant. I ordered the special mami.

Man, I'm really tired.