Wednesday, February 17, 2016

047: Naked

img_20160216_091742.jpgThis picture better belongs to Emily Bakes Cakes but I've been too lazy to update it. Naked cakes are all the rage now and Emily happens to be quite good at embellishing them with sugar flowers and such. Now look at that, isn't that something you would want for your special occasion?

Work took up most of the day with little room for much else. I made some headway at The Other Office because I finally got the special printer to print, but it's still an idiosyncratic beast because while it works most of the time there are still times when it won't. I don't know why. Believe me, IT is really part voodoo.

I left The Other Office at five because I had another meeting at Ateneo. I couldn't get parking at school, though, so I parked at Gaisano Mall. That set me back by an hour, which wasn't all bad because they hadn't really started. Still, I can't help but think about my Lenten resolution not to be late. Well, it is all about the struggle.

The homily this morning was pretty good. It tackled God's Will and the problem of evil. I can only really provide the gist of it here. Essentially: do you know how sometimes in the midst of suffering someone will say that it is God's Will? The priest was asking us to question if it really was God's Will. Is it God's Will that we suffer? Because sometimes, no, a lot of times, this is the glib fallback explanation, but it is usually espoused by those not in the position to suffer.

And so the kicker: it is not suffering itself that saves us, but the love that permits us to endure that suffering. That's the gist of it anyhow, and if it still seems a little glib, the fault is in my translation.

And speaking of suffering, I seem to be entering a down phase again. I've been manic the past couple of weeks, juggling several activities all at once. I think I ultimately reached a sort of a high through the weekend. And now other triggers are firing, bringing me back down crashing. Ah, well, c'est la vie!