Tuesday, February 16, 2016

046: The Case of the Missing Laundry

img_20160215_190346-01.jpegEmily made cream of broccoli with cheese tonight. It was excellent. We paired it with glutinous sweet potato balls.

Work was also extraordinarily taxing today. I ended up installing Lubuntu three times today. Once this morning, on my alternate home computer, because the desktop had stopped working the day before. Then twice this afternoon. New hardware came in this morning and it would only run on 32-bit Linux. Surprise surprise, all our development machines in the office were running 64-bit. I debated whether to dual-boot the development machine but decided against it -- too much important work already invested in setup and coding, with the possibility of the new install wiping out the previous one. No thanks. It turns out the systems had been installed with LVM, which I had no experience working with. So after lunch I went home to get my old laptop -- seven years and still running -- but the OS on it was also 64-bit. I ran a fresh install to downgrade it to 32-bit. And just when I'd finished installing, my colleague E--- comes up to me:

"Is that 14.04?"

"Uh, no. It's 15.10."

"Oh, we're supposed to use 14.04."

So once more I bring out the USB stick....

My unscheduled return home after lunch had an unexpected side effect. I saw that the laundry I put out this morning had mostly dried. I took them into the house and hung them in the bathroom before I left. Later in the afternoon, I received a message from Emily. Please call immediately. And so I did.

"Didn't you do laundry this morning?"

"Yes I did."

"The clothes are gone!"

"Actually I went home this lunch time...." I said sheepishly. Poor Emily thought someone had broken into our home and stolen our laundry. Over dinner she explained the thoughts going through her mind. Foremost of this was: maybe they came through the back way and how come doggie wasn't barking....

Fortunately no harm done and Emily was pretty chill about it afterwards. Still, there's a lesson to be learned here somewhere.