Monday, February 15, 2016

045: The Cheap Date

img_20160214_190238.jpgOur Valentine's date ended up at the Roxas night market after all. Since last week we'd been thinking of having dinner at Cafe Andessa, where we had our first Valentine's date six years ago. We'd planned on going last night but a sudden birthday party invite took precedence. This afternoon, after Mass, the thought came up again. Then we met some friends when we stopped at Yellow House. They told us the road to Cafe Andessa was under repair, so we wouldn't be able to go there after all. We were going through our list of other options when we stopped by Marco Polo, just right across the Roxas night market. We looked at each other. Luckily, my wife is a cheap date.

Today was a lazy Sunday. The morning started out with rain so there was no need for me to water the plants. Not a good time for laundry either. The only chore that needed doing was to take out the trash. Then, lunch at Mama J--'s, where after the meal I plunked myself down on the sofa and napped. Sundays do not get any better than this.

I lost Pigmote Isle. I'm discovering more of Sunless Sea, finding new islands and new stories. One of the early stories to open up is the Tale of Pigmote Isle, about two warring factions, the rats and the cavies. I've tried siding with either side on various runs, but I never really got the story too far forward because I would always die before returning. This game, though, I planned on being very careful and I was already making good coin. I returned to Pigmote Isle, where the cavies, my favored faction this time around, asked me for advice. My suggestion was particularly disastrous, though, and brought down the entire civilization. I felt my throat go dry when that happened. Who knew a game could be so affecting?