Sunday, February 14, 2016

044: The Aborted Valentine's Date

img_20160213_105657-01.jpegEmily spent most of the day making cakes and cupcakes. The detail above was from a flower-themed birthday cake she finished in the morning. I, on the other hand, spent the morning doing laundry, sending out emails, and writing down plans. Emily wins.

I wanted to go to Mass at noon. I woke up late this morning because I spent all of last night playing Sunless Sea. After all my chores, I left the house in a rush at 11:50AM. I knew I would be late, much more so because I chose the wrong route. I still would have made it to church at 12:15PM but Emily called.

"Where are you now?" she asked.

"Uh, just outside church. In Sta. Ana."

"What about the cupcakes? You forgot the cupcakes."

D'oh! In the rush of things, I had forgotten all about the cupcakes she asked me to deliver on the way. As in I left them at the house. Sorry, Lord. I turned the car around and headed back. Blame it on my absent-mindedness.

I bought a graphics tablet. Not a Wacom, which would have been expensive, but a cheap no-name Taiwanese model, the XP-8060C. Unlike the Wacom, it still needed batteries. But it sold for only P2,300 for an 8"x6" model, a far cry from the P13,000 the Wacom of the same dimensions would have gone for. I had been eyeing it for some time, as usual vaciillating whenever it came to spending for anything more than P500. I finally gave in today.

The purchase was a bit of a risk. I wasn't sure how well it would work, or if it would work at all. As it turned out, it ran perfectly on Lubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10. I didn't need to install any drivers on either OS. The pressure sensitivity functioned as advertised.

We just came from A--'s Mom's birthday party. Emily finished working on her cake at 5PM. She would actually have continued working, putting in more touches and such. The party was just across the street so it wasn't any big trouble to deliver and set up.

After setting up the cake, we had planned to go on a Valentine's date. A-- and his fiancee L-- asked us to stay on for dinner, though, and so we did. Such a big bounty of food! I mostly stayed with the salad, though, and just took little bits of meat and such for taste.

Speaking of penances, I broke my self-prohibition on Reddit. The mutant pineapple was just too good not to post. I put it on /r/wtf, but some people weren't happy about that. In hindsight, it should have gone to /r/mildlyinteresting. Still, it took in close to 500 upvotes.

Okay, experiment done. Back to no Reddit.