Thursday, February 11, 2016

041: The Lenten Marathon Begins

img_20160210_064133-01.jpeg"Remember man that thou art dust...." I caught the early morning Mass at Carmelite. Mass at any other time, I expected, would be packed, what with everyone wanting to get ashed. The Carmelite congregation, in fact, was more filled than usual so I had to sit outside. Yes, I got ashed, too, but I wiped it off as soon as I got home.

The first day of my Lenten marathon went fairly well. The easiest penances to follow were those pertaining to Reddit and Twitter. For my desktops and laptops, I created fake /etc/hosts entries which would redirect both web sites to localhost. I tried something similar for my Android devices but none of the simple ones worked. So I simply logged out of Twitter and cleared my history. Once or twice, I caught myself just about to type in 'Reddit' but I caught myself. So far so good.

Harder to keep have been the resolution to chill and to not be late. I am still plenty upset with the whole setup and culture at my department at school -- sometime soon I will write about that -- that I find my thoughts drifting and darkening. Well, tomorrow will be better.

As to the other, technically I wasn't late because I wasn't supposed to go in to the other office today. But I did end up going later than I had planned because I spent some time after breakfast playing Sunless Sea. Tomorrow will be better.