Monday, February 08, 2016

038: Chinese New Year's Eve

img_20160207_211627-01.jpegChinese New Year isn't nearly as big as other holidays but Davao still celebrated the occasion. I was actually about to give the event for lost and, after dinner, wrote a short piece complaining about it. But then instead of going home, Emily and I decided to head over to Rizal Park. And voila! They had a street party going on there. The lanterns in this picture were part of the decor.

Part of the earlier disappointment came from our visit to Waterfront Insular. There were the obligatory lanterns and red packets but not much of the spirit. There was the promise of a lion dance but six o'clock, the appointed time, came and went and there was...nothing. There seemed to be no anticipation at all, the guests and the staff just went about their business like it was an ordinary Sunday. The coffee was darned expensive, too, for what it was. At least we were able to take in a short seaside walk.

Lunch and dinner was at Lim Manor. Emily's mom made chapchae, sauteed shrimp, humba, steamed fish, and steamed squid. The chapchae was very good and I went back for several servings. There was also fried tikoy, of which I had several.

Mang Danny's ice cream was serving at Rizal Park. Emily lined up. It took about half an hour this time. Still, she didn't complain, and so I won't either. I spent that time wandering about and taking pictures. We met her uncle, too, and we also got him ice cream. Mang Danny is turning out to be quite the big hit.

I got started on Android Studio this morning. There is still much to learn, but after cutting my teeth on Java at my new job, things are coming much easier to me now. The only problem is that Android Studio is really such a dog, even on a 4GB machine.