Saturday, February 06, 2016

036: Time Zone

img_20160205_094640-01.jpegA surfeit of Olafs at our house. Emily has been teaching a class on cake decorating to some friends and these are the results. Can you guess which one is hers?

I spent an hour at Time Zone with the nephew and the niece. It was an impromptu outing. I called up Mom as I was finishing up at the office. Since it was a Friday, the nephew wanted to go out for fries at McDonald's and some time at the arcade. Could I come join them? Sure, why not.

Time Zone had a special offer -- get P350 worth of credits for only P250. I balked initially. Would we actually use up all that? Cheapskate that I was, I only wanted to put in P100. Then I thought better of it and took the special. Good call. That P350 went pretty quickly.

Nephew had quite a haul of tickets. He got 514 in all. (Niece helped a bit and got lucky at the claw machine.) Came the time to pick a prize, nephew didn't want to choose. I think he must have been waiting to rack up some more and get a bigger prize. Niece, on the other hand, was pointing to a Little Big Bird doll. I made the call to get it for her. When nephew found out, his face crumpled.

I am going to tease him about this when he is older. On the other hand, he does bounce back pretty quickly.