Thursday, February 04, 2016

034: And These Thy Gifts

img_20160203_192250.jpgFor dinner, Emily and I went to Davao Famous Restaurant. Famous is a mainstay in Davao City, practically a landmark in itself. As you can see from the pictures, it hasn't really changed much from what you would expect a traditional Chinese restaurant circa 1970 would be. The table are formica, the paint schemes are alternately antiseptic and garish. Perhaps the only concession to modernity is the wide flat-screen TV on the wall.

We ordered the regular lumpia shanghai meal and the satemi. The lumpia shangai meal came with a side of mixed vegetables, soup, and rice. The satemi turned out to be more generous than expected so we had the rest of it to go.

For a weekday night, Famous was surprisingly full. A wide variety of customers as well. Over on the corner were two old gentlemen chatting. The next table over, a middle-aged man dominated conversation in his group with a loud story. And still at the next table, some young sales representatives winding down the day.

This day turned out to be all about food. For breakfast, Emily prepared ham, stir-fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs, and toast, along with a green apple-and-cucumber smoothie. Since I stayed home for lunch, she prepared Hungarian sausage and vegetables with rosemary butter. After dinner, we went to Purple Bean, an out-of-the-way coffee shop near the airport. The coffee had a strong kick and I am still awake at 1AM.

This day also turned out to be about people. I ran a short meeting for a project I was doing for Ateneo. I also ran into N---, a former student, on the way to the chapel. After Mass, we went up to see P---, his former classmate and my now colleague, at the media editing room. F---, my C programming student from last semester, was also there.