Wednesday, February 03, 2016

033: Zumba Night

img_20160202_183102-01.jpegHoy es la fiesta de la
presentación de nuestro señor, tambien llamado, fiesta de la candelaria.
En la misa, todos llevan candelas para el sacerdote bendiga.

Today turned out quite well. I had a chat with my boss (well, my other boss) about my future at Ateneo. I've had some concerns brewing, and it was good to talk about what was wrong and where I was headed. It turned into a sales pitch for something I felt the university needed.

Then, dinner with my parents and Emily at Abreeza. That was where we saw zumba night. I finally bought that Dr. Doom action figure I'd been eyeing.

More code commits today. I like that I'm getting the hang of this.