Tuesday, February 02, 2016

032: In Too Deep

img_20160201_194004-01.jpegLa cena en la casa Cimafranca esta noche: las parilladas con arroz y ensalada. Preparado de mi esposa.

I made my first commit to the code base at work today. Just some preparatory code for the hardware interface. A small victory and a milestone. Yay me. I also made a breakthrough with the hardware, finally getting it to work with a different version of Java. The problem was the drivers were not properly loaded because (1) the instructions were all over the place and (2) even when I was looking at them I didn't piece it together until after several head-banging tries.

Such is life in IT. Mostly boring.

After several months I received my student evaluations from the CS111 introductory C programming classes last semester. Apparently they had been forgotten and overlooked in the preparation for PAASCU accreditation. I shall let the irony sink in.