Monday, February 01, 2016

031: Lady with Her Pet Dogs

img_20160131_181704-02.jpegThis young lady found the time and energy to take her two dogs with her to the mall. They're not exactly small dogs either. Still, having done the same thing with our own dog, I probably shouldn't judge her. Two dogs, though....

As a challenge for myself, I am going to be taking more pictures of people. I don't quite know how street photographers do it. I'm still a bit shy when it comes to taking shots of strangers. Maybe a little practice is what I need.

And so we bring January to a close. Looking at the calendar widget on the side of the blog, I am proud to point out that all the days of the month have been filled. I have not missed a single entry. There's something still to be said about keeping the quality of the posts at a high level but on that regard I am still finding what that level should be. Still, I have to celebrate small victories.

I finally got to try out Sunless Sea by Failbetter Games, the makers of the Fallen London web game. Sunless Sea actually takes place in the same setting and follows a similar mechanic of quests and unfolding stories. I can see the appeal of Sunless Sea but at this point in my gaming life, it's a bit too much work, what with the quest level grinding. Or maybe I'm just not getting the game. I think I may have to pass for now.