Monday, January 04, 2016

Day 003: Get Set...

img_20160103_180957-01.jpegToday is the last day of the long holiday; tomorrow, we all go back to work. But that's for tomorrow, and today is still today.

I am happy to say I did not spend the holidays in any great excess. The Christmas parties and get-togethers have been kept to a minimum, and I did not eat or drink overmuch. I exercised regularly and my weight is well within its limits. I got some work done and my new endeavors are off to a good start.

We had our annual family photo today. This was the smoothest we've ever done it, none of the usual chaos of confusing directions and arguments. So, hooray.


We went shopping today, too. My purchase of the day was La Biblia en Accion, the Bible in comic form, illustrated by Sergio Cariello. I bought it to help improve my Spanish. At P95, it was a real steal. I admit, I still had some hesitations buying it, because I was not sure of its quality. But having skimmed through it, I have to say the artwork is excellent and on the whole it is respectful of its material. A true labor of love by SeƱor Cariello. What's more, I can actually understand it!


After putting it off for several days, I finally got on my unicycle. It's challenging, as expected, but I persisted for the 15 minutes that I promised myself. I wedged myself in a narrow space in our garage, and I pedaled up and down. I fell once, on my butt (don't tell my wife.) I am convinced, though, that my body just needs to get used to riding it.

There's some unfinished business with the Galileo 2, so I downloaded and prepared the necessary tools for working with it: Fritzing and the Arduino IDE. More developments later this week.