Sunday, January 03, 2016

Day 002: The Wasteland

img_20160102_092201-01.jpegMeanwhile, the owner of the big lot behind us has almost completely covered it with landfill. The mini-swampland is gone, as are the frogs, the birds, the snakes, and other assorted wildlife. Their cries and calls used to bother me, especially during a rain. Now there is only silence I miss those sounds. Soon to rise: a six-story BPO building. How unimaginative!

The day was consumed writing a report. I wish there were more to say about how the day went, but it's been as quiet and mundane as can be. I spent it writing up my research report. I added another six pages today, or twelve, if I count the automatically generated summary. The report isn't really due until March, but I figure I'll be very busy starting next week, so all the better to get it out of the way.

Dinner with the family. We met the Elvis of Davao. The old Chinese will know who I mean.


Still on the same book. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will claim a quiet corner with a cup of coffee and throw myself into Hemingway's Paris.


I was poking around with Scratch, a programming environment for young kids. I also followed Invent with Scratch. Consider my mind blown. Scratch is a good introduction to object-oriented and event-driven programming, and the Invent with Scratch series shows you how you can write games. The Scratch library also featured some pretty cool examples. Well worth a try with some kids in the near future.