Friday, January 01, 2016

Day 001: Hello, 2016

img_20160101_140823_1-02.jpegWhile the malls were open, most of the shops were closed, except for the ones that mattered. I browsed by the nearest Book Sale branch because, hey, that's what I'm about. I saw a Robert Silverberg book that I will most likely get, though not today. I try never to spend money on New Year's Day. Heh, an old superstition.

Speaking of books, I may need to do some spring cleaning soon. I have acquired some volumes that I have given up on reading, so it may be better to give them away. Time is at a premium now, and I have come to realize I should not have to slog through a book just because it's there. Not all books are created equal.

The new blog format seems to suit me better. Though this officially marks Day 1 on my new blog home, I have been kicking the wheels, so to speak, with entries since the week before. I will only be writing one post per day, amending as necessary. Each entry will have a picture taken that day, some pithy thoughts -- more to flex my writing muscles than anything -- and sections on what I've read and learned. I find that this forces me to account for my time better. It has worked quite well this week, because I have actually almost eliminated my video game time, my usual time sink.

I had a visit from an old friend this afternoon. This is someone I had known since high school, and have therefore grown up with. Amazing how our conversation has changed from arguing about video games and comics way back when to discussing medications now. Ah, the times, the times.

We did talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though. Good to know that not everything has changed.


More of Hemingway and Gertrude Stein today.

In the three or four years that we were good friends I cannot remember Gertrude Stein ever speaking well of any writer who had not written favorably about her work or done something to advance her career except for Ronald Firbank and, later, Scott Fitzgerald.


If you brought up Joyce twice, you would not be invited back. It was like mentioning one general favorably to another general. You learned not to do it the first time you made the mistake.

This characterization reminds me somewhat of the sometimes petty fights that arise in Philippine literary circles. It's funny, but also endearing, in a way.

In other news, I purchased Cedar Sanderson's Pixie Noir Omnibus last night. I avoid spending more than $2 for ebooks if I can, but there's something charming about the author and the work that I figured I'd buy it for the enjoyment and the patronage.


Memrise seems to be working, and I will be sticking with it in the near term. Slow progress, but solid.