Saturday, January 30, 2016

029: Bullseye!

wp-1454070126133.jpegThere's an archery range at Gaisano Mall. Emily and I discovered it when we went for lunch at the Peak. The range is at the new activity center annex at the fourth floor. The starting rate was P200 for 20 arrows and the next level up was P360 for 40 arrows. I hesitated because of the expense but Emily really wanted to try it. She offered to pay so it was all good.

I had some experience with archery back in college. It felt good to pick up a bow again. The bows they had were much improved, though. Whereas before I really only had the raw drawstring to pluck, the new strings have a smooth rolling plastic sheaths for the fingers. The instructor saw how I drew the string, he commented: "That's the classical way. You have to do it the new way." I feel old.

Emily had some trouble at first but soon got the hang of it. She had a couple of near-bullseyes very close together.

Fr. Joel called the college faculty to finally address long-standing issues with the union. This touches on the general assembly that I wrote about before. Fr. Joel's arguments were very well thought out and calmly delivered. Towards the end, though, I heard his voice break. Fr. Joel utterly demolished the stance and the behavior of the old union executive board. At then end of his long address, he called on the new union officers.

I was very satisfied with Fr. Joel's handling of the matter. This is how a university president should act. Much renewed respect.