Sunday, January 24, 2016

023: The Day of Getting Nothing Done

img_20160123_185815-02.jpegThis morning I made a list of things I needed to do. Of the six items there only one got really done. What can I say? Today was the first Saturday I've been able to spend at home in a long while, no commitments outside. The afternoon was quite warm and so I napped on the sofa. Yes, that kind of day.

I leveled up a bit more with my Java and Eclipse. It's not entirely true that I got nothing done. I went through a couple of tutorials on JAXB, the Java Architecture for XML Binding. Along the way, I picked up a bit more of working Java and Eclipse. I finally got my head around how JUnit testing works inside Eclipse. All this is beginner stuff but I'm happy with my progress. If I ever get back to teaching again, this will be in the list of things to introduce to my students.

The picture above is from Cafe Demitasse. The owner has a thing for cartoon frogs and they're the main theme for the decor. Mildly creepy in an Alice in Wonderland kind of way. Emily was making a delivery and I offered to drive. The carbonara was muy buena.