Saturday, January 23, 2016

022: Shadow Grass

img_20160122_081639-01.jpegWhile walking our dog this bright and sunny morning, I stumbled upon my shadow on the grass. The sun washed out everything outside my shadow, but my silhouette made the scrub visible. Heh, I look like a grass monster.

I ended up spending the entire day in school. There was an impromptu meeting in the morning, which melded nicely into a bit of coaching for a friend. In the afternoon, another meeting.

After yesterday's event, people are more or less back to normal. Some were in a congratulatory mood, some a little more sombre. Myself, I shy away from triumphalism. Though I like the makeup of the new union executive board better than the previous one, round the bend is an ugly legal battle. I did not see the members of the old executive board in school -- likely licking their wounds and plotting their next steps.

Over on my old blog, I am continuing my series on startups. My latest article is on Startup Ecosystems.